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RADION’s COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM (CDP) is not simply about giving jobs; it’s about identifying root problems to poverty, domestic violence and juvenile delinquency and empowering people with the skills to bring about change in their own communities. RADION chooses to do this through social enterprises and micro businesses!

We aim to create long-term solutions to social problems i.e (poverty, domestic violence and juvenile delinquency) within the community. The program puts poor families and women from backgrounds of domestic violence on a road to financial recovery and self-sustenance.

Micro-businesses specifically aid victims of domestic violence by providing jobs, work-skill training & rehabilitation in a safe environment. This model creates opportunities for victims to attain financial independence and fit into society.

  • Life skill training & work opportunities: RADION provides training and employment in management, accounting and computer skills to survivors of domestic abuse and villagers in poverty. RADION staff are also trained to provide basic counselling and medical assistance to those in need.
  • Self-sustaining business model: Through micro-businesses such as an internet café and laundry service – this integrated community empowerment centre generates income independently to help cover other cost that come from providing better networks and infrastructure required for operations.
  • Developing social entrepreneurs: RADION provides opportunities for its staff to develop other creative micro-enterprises in which they can have co-ownership. Each enterprise creates more jobs. One such enterprise born out of this program is the Laundry Service; the income from this project now provides for more women who come from domestic abused background with employment opportunities and experience to gain financial independence.


PROJECT EDUCATION! aims to engage and educate the local community about health and social issues such as drug abuse and domestic violence.

Every donor’s dollar is not invested into a one time effort but towards a goal of long term sustenance of lives through fundamentally sound business/ micro enterprise operations

Click here to donate to our Community Empowerment and Crisis Relief Program (CECRP) / Community Development Program (CDP) or email us if you are interested to partner us in our programs.

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