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We dream of a future where every person, both young and old, able-bodied or physically challenged can come to this safe haven to seek assistance and support.

An education and training center to equip rural womenfolk with skills, a safe shelter for domestic violence victims, a community node for children living in the fringes of society and elderly families who fall through the cracks of the welfare system.


We have completed building a 7,000-ft community space that will serve as a platform to empower a community of 14,000 villagers to break out of poverty and oppression.

Here’s how it looks like

As illustrated above, the community space has the following:
1) Building 3 rooms for rehabilitative care
2) Auditorium for training and engagement initiatives
3) Outdoor amphitheatre and indoor kitchen

We have raised $350,000 of $350,000

  • 100%

Every dollar that you have contributed has been invested to provide care and rehabilitation for the ones who need it the most.


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