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STREETKIDS! 2 BUILDING PROJECT – FOUNDATION OF HOPE RADION is one of the few organizations in Thailand that rescues, shelters and rehabilitates child victims from high risk & abusive backgrounds. StreetKIDS! 2 is our second stage care for these children,...

The compassion, authenticity and dedication of the staff and interns at RADION have touched us tremendously, and we have been enriched by the experiences they shared and their heart for the people. Thank you for the guidance, support and attention devoted to ensuring our team’s safety and well-being. We are encouraged and inspired by RADION’s commitment to uplift and partner the community in development.

Expedition Agape Singapore

In 2014, I was in the village with a team of students from Temasek Polytechnic and was privileged to have seen the rescue mission being carried out. When I first saw the three kids last year, I had never seen anyone look so dirty, unwanted and lifeless before. In the days to follow, I saw how Michael doesn’t respond well to affection, he would be charging at everyone, knocking them with his head, no one could hug or show any form of affection to him. Once he even stuck fly-trap glue on my entire arm. However, just a few weeks ago, he shouted my name very loudly, ran over and voluntarily gave me a hug! I was floored. Although I still see how mischievous he is, he is still a kid after all, but there is also a very visible positive difference from the year before. I credit the change to his caregivers, the RADION staffs. 

Rachel Leong

RADION Intern 2015

This time was the third time that I have gone to RADION, having made a second trip there in May last year. Each time, I learn something new. …..This time was the first time going back as a sponsor to a child in RADION…. going back and seeing the child was especially special for me, to see how he is integrating well with the other children in the shelter and the smile on his face was truly heartwarming!

Isaac Yang

Community Manager, Alpha7 Consultancy

RADION’s dedication and always believing in going the extra mile for the people in need really touches me. It definitely was a very humbling experience to work with a group of dedicated and selfless individuals who are all truly inspirational.


Madeleine Lam

Nursing Hospital Executive, SGH

I was glad to be part of RADION’s outreach programs such as the Mass Food Distribution and it was heartwarming to see the happy faces of many at the event. This trip also prompted me to reflect on my life back in Singapore and to appreciate the many privileges that we have.

Amanda Lim, 20, NUS Medical Student

It has been of great pleasure for CRU Singapore to partner with RADION International for the past 7 years through several projects, especially the STREETKIDS! Programme and Village Outreach. As we send student teams year after year, we have witnessed how lives have been changed – not just those of the people of Khek Noi, but also in the students’ who avail themselves to touch the lives of others.


CRU Singapore

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