RADION Rescue 2014

Thailand. 17 Mar 2014 – RADION International, a Singapore-based organisation, has rescued three young children who were exploited for manual labour and kept in less than humane conditions by their abusive stepfather. The youngest of the three is barely six-years old.

Over the past seven years, all three children were deprived of basic education, sanitation and were forced to live in a small bamboo shed in a forest. The oldest child who is 10, showed the rescue team scars sustained from the constant physical abuse.

The child was limping from an injury on his left foot that was sustained two months ago but instead of being given medical attention, he was forced to continue with manual labour – aggravating the injury. By the time he was rescued, his wound was badly festered and filled with pus, causing immense pain whenever he walked.

The rescued child was quickly rushed to the hospital and immediately operated on as the wound could develop into a life threatening situation. The severity of the the boy’s condition left the doctor no choice but to surgically remove a tendon in addition to draining the pus from the wound.

“The chances of him walking normally again is extremely slim.” said the doctor who attended to the child.

The extent of abuse was revealed through further interviews with the children, shocking even experienced rescue workers in the team.

The second child is eight years old and the second of the three was blinded in her right eye after years of neglect.

The youngest boy who is six told rescue workers of how he lived in constant fear as his stepfather would point the rifle and threatened to shoot the child in his chest. The young boy told of how he attempted to escape but was caught by his step father, only to be pummeled till his face was covered in blood. The boy lost four teeth in the ordeal.

“This is one of the worst cases of abuse RADION has seen.” says RADION’s Executive Director Eugene Wee. “Rescuing these children is only the beginning of a long journey and more needs to be done to help the children to overcome the trauma and regain normalcy in their lives.”

RADION International is making an appeal for funds to expand the existing rehabilitation facilities to include a life-skill training center for children from high risk backgrounds. The facility will enable RADION to impact the lives of the critically needy and SGD300,000 is needed to complete the center.

Your financial giving will provide a critical platform for at-risk children to receive care and training that will enable them to assimilate back into society.

To play a part in this life changing effort, please contact shirleen.ng@radion-international.org.