Village Care : The Plight Among Destitute Elderly

Walking into the small bamboo hut where she sought shelter, our nostrils burnt at the stench of rotten food and the musty odor of unwashed clothing. A miserable dimness shrouded the inside of the structure no larger than a storeroom. Her belongings were few – a couple of rusty pots for cooking, a stove that ran on firewood, several pieces of clothing, a Hmong knife and a bag of rice.

We are featured!

We are featured!

Fresh from their experiences with us recently in Phetchabun, a couple of the participants from the Medical Outreach team wrote an article on the Medical Students’ Mailbox, a newsletter from the Singapore Medical Association.   Here’s the link to their...

Village Outreach : A Roof Over Their Heads

RADION operates a weekly outreach amongst  the poorest and neediest hill tribe families. While some are abandoned elderly folks living in solitude, the others have problems making ends meet due to their family size.  The poorest in this village survive on a diet of...