Its always interesting when people ask us….. so how big is RADION ?
I’ll usually reply with a grin. – 3 Pax. Eugene+ Ben + 1X Thai Staff.

Its never fails to shock our supporters.

I guess its how we work, we believe that 1 effective staff is better than 10 incompetant staff. And thats how it really is…. In fact, if you look at our track record, you’ll be certain that we have at least 40 staff running the show. But its really not. Its just 3 of us. We do have part time staff on our list, but those are only activated when we need that support.

Yes I know…the scale of our operations is disproportionate to our manpower ! I guess thats just our style. Do we intend to employ more staff to come online ? Yes we do, but we are careful to bring in only good professional people who can continue our disproportionate operations!

Everything we do, we give our very best. For we serve God and not man.

Disproportionate ? Tell me about it 🙂