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Here are some questions frequently asked of us.


RADION International is a Christian non-profit organization created to raise awareness and garner funding for under-privileged communities in South East Asia.
We also reach out to the private sector as well as other NGOs/NPOs to work together in order to create a greater sustained impact on these communities.
Donations are channelled to the outreach fund where it is then prudently channelled into bringing the greatest impact to the communities most in need.

RADION exists to empower fringe communities to eventually overcome vicious cycles of poverty and violence.


RADION International was founded in an attempt to reach the marginalized gap communities that do not receive sufficient aid due to political, religious or cultural constraints.

RADION International engages the private sector and private donors to contribute to these neglected communities that are in critical need of external assistance.

What does ‘RADION’ stand for?
It is our mission to radiate love, hope, and care to the ones who need them most.

We believe this must be done not just through words but more importantly through practical approaches of meeting people at their points of need.

Who are RADION'S founders?

Mr. Eugene Wee and Mr. Benjamin Goh co-founded RADION International in 2007.


RADION International (Thailand) is fully registered as a charity (non-profit organization) under the name of RADION International Foundation.

RADION International LTD (Singapore) is a registered not-for-profit organisation inaugurated as a public company limited by guarantee

RADION International (USA) is a full 501 (c)(3) a non-profit corporation.

Who are RADION’s beneficiaries?
Our target recipients are communities who are in dire need of external assistance.

These recipients must fall under one of the following categories:

  • Refugees (Humanitarian Crisis etc)
  • Disaster-stricken communities
  • Individual groups of people who are not self-sufficient (Extreme poverty, drug affected regions etc)
  • HIV/AIDS devastated communities
  • Children from high risk families and/or substance abuse backgrounds
What is the scope of RADION'S work and project duration?

The work scope of RADION’s work revolves around key projects that are on a community level, targeted to impact entire communities by leading them to a state of self-sufficiency and financial independence.

Respective project duration vary depending on the level of need, these project duration usually range from months to years. Sub-projects on the other hand are much shorter in duration (days-weeks) to cater to dynamic requirements. ie (Blanket provision to brace unexpected cold weather)

Who are RADION'S partners?

RADION partners corporates with a heart for the needy, in order to make a sustainable difference in the lives of our beneficiaries. Some of our corporate partners include Pan Pacific Hotel Singapore, Crocs International, Starhub Singapore, Mt Alvenia Hospital, Salvation Army, and the Medical Society Singapore among others.

For our list of partners, check out click this link.

How does RADION operate?

RADION collaborates with companies and organizations on both short term projects as well as on a sustained basis for long term projects.

How can my company help?

If your company is interested to help, your company may consider supporting a project in one or more of the following manner:

Financial Support

  • Material Support with items in kind
  • Volunteer Trips – gather a team for a hands-on volunteer trip as part of the corporate social responsibility (CSR) program

RADION has the expertise and experience to ensure that each company’s undertaken project brings the “right help to the right people” so that your giving and support is plowed into efforts that are sustainable and credible in benefiting marginalised communities.

Where do your funds go to?

RADION’s work is largely focused on community development amongst marginalized people groups in North Thailand.

RADION aims to bring practical aid and humanitarian relief to such communities as a short-term measure until we can lead them to self sufficiency and financial independence through our community development efforts.

In seven years of work among marginalized communities, RADION has succeeded in reducing juvenile drug use from 25% to 11.9%.

See our annual report here.

How does RADION make a difference?
  • STREETKIDS! is a child rehabilitation program for children from backgrounds of violence, neglect, poverty and substance abuse. The program provides them with a conducive and safe environment for rehabilitation, a second shot at pursuing their studies and a second family structure to encourage them to chase their dreams.


  • VILLAGE OUTREACH provides last-lap care and support for the critically needy. The program provides nutrition, emotional support and emergency medical care for destitute and neglected elderly that struggle just to make ends meet.


  • COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM (CDP) aims to create long-term solutions to social problems within the community. Community education and mass trainings equip rural villagers with work and livelihood skills to earn a living, while social enterprises provide locals with job opportunities and a platform to apply their skills. This puts rural families on a road to financial recovery and self-reliance.


  • DISASTER RELIEF AND RECOVERY OPERATIONS aim to channel timely emergency aid and recovery assistance to remote or impoverished communities within a 100km response radius in North Thailand.  
Apart from donating money, how else can I get involved?

Volunteer locally or abroad with us! Check out our upcoming trip and events page to see what’s in store for the year ahead and register on the spot if you are interested!

If you have a group of 7-9 like-minded peers and would like to do some good, contact us at to find out how you can kickstart your own team project to serve the underprivileged.