RADION is one of the few organizations in Thailand that rescues, shelters and rehabilitates child victims from high risk & abusive backgrounds. StreetKIDS! 2 is our second stage care for these children, providing them with safe shelter, rehabilitative care and access to higher education- equipping these teenagers & young adults to safely assimilate into society.

The current rental premises lacks the necessary space and facilities to cater for the increasing number of children each year. This StreetKIDS 2 Building project aims to address both the space constraint and facilities by building a dedicated space in Chiangmai, Thailand.

Fig 1 : StreetKIDS! 2 Building Masterplan

Fig 1 : StreetKIDS! 2 Building Masterplan

In its initial phase, the building project is estimated to cost SGD$349,632. This figure would enable us to purchase a parcel of land and construct basic facilities for 40-50 children. The same piece of land also caters for future growth and will enable us to expand our capacity as the need arises.  The project breakdown is as follows:

Screen Shot 2017-04-20 at 3.30.24 PM

This is the full master plan, but the buildings will be built in phases.

Phase 1 :

1. Office

2. Kitchen + Dining Hall + Study Area

3. Bunks For Teenagers (8-10 pax/room)

Phase 2 :

1. Treatment Rooms

2. Accommodation for Young Adults

Phase 3 :

1. Staff Accommodation

Over the last 8 years, the StreetKIDS programme has been instrumental in saving and transforming the lives of the most vulnerable in Thailand. Join us in making a difference!

For all internet banking or financial giving via cheques, please indicate STREETKIDS! 2 BUILDING PROJECT, your contact number and address to facilitate accounting  on our end.

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