Day 1 : Transportation
A full day of traveling from Bangkok to Phetchabun. This journey took us some 7 hours to complete, reaching Phetchabun around evening.

Day 2 : Training & Preparations
A entire day of intensive language and cultural training

Day 3 : STK Outing Day 1 (Lan Hin Taek)
This was when we brought the children from destitute families out on an educational excursion. Laan Hin Taek is translated as the field of the broken rocks. Its a nature reserve boasting stunning scenary. Halfway through the trip, we realised to our horror that the kids were plucking flowers, uprooting plants from the park to give to the volunteers.

Day 4 : STK Outing Day 2 (Khao Khor Park + Swimming)
This day we had a full day of tele-matches and of course not forgetting the mandatory swimming time at the village lake. Aterwhich, we had a campfire session with the children before seeing them off back home.

Day 5 : Village Outreach
Day 6 : Village Outreach
Day 7 : Village Outreach
3 Days of visiting destitute families with medical and food supplies.

Day 8 : Destitute BBQ
Today we gathered some 60-80 destitute villagers for a simple meal together. We also slaughtered a black pig for this event as most of the poor had no opportunity to eat meat very often, not to mention black pigs.

Day 9 : R&R + Logistics Packing
Our retreat was at Khao Khor Highlands Resort and just prior to lunch, we rushed back for about 3 hours of packing and logistics loading for the refugee settlement.

Day 10 : Site X
Morning : Children’s outreach & Milk! Mission

Afternoon : Medical Mission

Evening : Relief Distribution

Day 11 : Return