The Gift of Hope

Our online Gala Dinner for the benefit of children at-risk.


7.30pm – 8.30pm | via Zoom

RSVP by 05 December 

The Gala event has ended.

If you would like to further contribute, you may consider giving directly, or support our post-Gala sale.

Thanks for your support!

Dear friend,


Thank you for your support of children at-risk in our StreetKIDS Programme.  

We have been very encouraged by how you have showed up with your generosity. Through proceeds from the Gala Dinner, private donations, post-Gala sale of Christmas ornaments, and pledges, we raised a total of $240,000 for the expansion of the StreetKIDS shelter in Chiang Mai.   

What remains is $10,000 to go! 

Should you like to further contribute, you may do so either by giving directly (2 ways to give on this page) or to support our post-Gala sale that we are having until the end of the year.  

Last but not least, thanks once again for giving The Gift of Hope!   


  • Overall Fundraising Target: $250,000 96% 96%

* As of 20 December, we have raised $240,000, and have a further $10,000 to raise in order to reach the overall target.

Help at-risk children flourish

The StreetKIDS Building Project

A group that is very close to our hearts are our children in StreetKIDS.

Since 2007, we have journeyed with child survivors of abuse, violence, and neglect by providing them safe shelter, counselling and rehabilitation care. Our staff and sponsors have seen many boys and girls recover and grow to become contributing members of their communities.

Recently, we have also seen an increase in the intake of children – this is especially so as the pandemic continues to adversely impact the lives of many rural families.

To manage this increase, we are expanding our shelter in Chiang Mai.

The expansion will provide counselling, training, and learning rooms, and which will further enhance this shelter as a safe and conducive space for the children. Most of all, this ensures every child gets the highest quality of care in her journey through the programme.

For this purpose, we aim to raise $85,000* at The Gift of Hope this December – and we ask for your kind and generous giving.

Will you consider giving the Gift of Hope at this Gala, and help children at-risk flourish?

The Gift of Hope: Online Sale

Proceeds go towards the StreetKIDS Building Project in Chiang Mai

In support of the StreetKIDS Building project in Chiang Mai, we are putting on sale limited sets of Christmas ornaments, as well as donation tickets.

The Christmas ornaments are unique in that each of them were lovingly crafted by our beneficiaries in Thailand, where we serve the country’s largest Hmong community.

Do consider getting a set or two for yourself or friends!

At the same time, we have donation tickets up for sale, and which you may use for meal redemptions at PeraMakan. Catch up with family and friends this Christmas season over a Peranakan meal!

These items will be on sale until the end of the year. So take action fast!

Give The Gift of Hope

Donation Tiers

The costs of running this event has been underwritten by a kind sponsor. This means 100% of your donations at this Gala will be used for the benefit of children at-risk.

* The Appreciation Wall will be at the new extension of the StreetKIDS Shelter.

** Set Meal deliveries are done on the day of the event. However, you may also choose to have your meal on a different date through voucher redemption at our Partner’s dining outlets. (More info about meals)

Special Donation Tiers

Should you wish to give more towards this project, here are 2 special tiers to consider.

Limited spots available for Platinum and Titanium tiers. To make a contribution, please reach us at .

Food from the Heart

The symbol of love and care.

Get ready to be delighted at our Gala Event by authentic and great-tasting Peranakan food delivered in Tingkat* right to your home by the good folks behind local F&B establishment PeraMakan.

Tingkat, or tiffin carriers, were traditionally used by wives or mothers to pack home-cooked meals for their husbands or children. They help keep food fresh and warm, and were a way of expressing love and care – because a hot home-cooked meal is truly the best remedy for a long day’s work.

Likewise, the Tingkat captures the essence of our work with at-risk children in the StreetKIDS programme.

Besides keeping tummies full and hearts warm, StreetKIDS is about keeping children safe while helping them grow and flourish through lots of patience and affection.

Join us at this Gala, and embark on this life-changing work together.

* for Silver & Gold tiers

We have futher information about the Gala meals. Click on to find out more about the menu items, and how you may receive your meal.

Gala Programme

The Gift of Hope opens this Sunday (12 Dec) and it will be a 1-hour programme hosted by local celebrity, Vernetta Lopez.

All registered guests would have received a Zoom link to this private event. Please reach out to us at if you have any questions about viewing the Gala Programme.

7.30pm: Programme Begins

Vernetta Lopez, Gala Emcee

7.35pm: Opening Remarks

Eugene Wee, Executive Director RADION

7.40pm: My Experience With The StreetKIDS

Vernetta Lopez

7.45pm: Video Feature: StreetKIDS Programme


7.50pm: One on one with Eugene

Vernetta Lopez & Eugene Wee

8.05pm: Audience Participation

with Vernetta Lopez

8.20pm: Thank You From Our Beneficiaries


8.25pm: Closing Remarks & Credits

Vernetta Lopez

About Us

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