Participant Guide

What to do during:

Pre-Campaign | During Campaign | Post-Campaign 


(from now until event sign-up)



To get you started with #KeepGoing, we will require some information from you.

If you haven’t already done so, please proceed to register through this link:

Singapore Runners click here.

International Runners click here.


This applies to Lite and Finisher participants. After registering, please proceed to make payment through Paypal, or PayNow. 

Your campaign will begin once we’ve received your registration and payment. 

(Between 25th October to 25th December 2020)

During the Campaign

Ready to run? Here’s what to do:

Post & Tag 3 Friends

To help us spread the message of #KeepGoing and to reach the campaign goal of 113,880km, we need you to help us get as many participants as you can.

On Facebook or Instagram,

  1. Write a post with the hashtags “#KeepGoing” & “#Radion
  2. Upload a photo/selfie.
  3. Tag 3 friends to nominate them to register for this campaign.

Here are some suggested text to reference from and the type of shots you may take. (Click on images to view)

Track Your Activity

Any fitness apps, pedometers, fitness devices, smartwatches and indoor treadmills can be used.

Here is a list of suggested apps:

We will accept distances (in km) recorded between 0000hrs 25th October 2020 to 2359hrs 25th December 2020. 

Log & Submit Your Distance

Upload your activity distance through this link.

We will require your Name, Bib Number, Distance (KM) and Activity Screenshot.

Submit a screenshot of your tracking app or a photo of your fitness tracker or treadmill dashboard showing the following details:

  1. Date of your activity (Optional for treadmill)
  2. Duration Timing of your activity
  3. Total Distance clocked for your activity. (KM)

Pro-Tip: Add Distance Tracking page as a shortcut in your home screen

(After 25th December 2020)


Submit Remaining Activities

Upload any remaining activity distance* to us latest by 11:59pm Sunday, 27th December 2020. We will not accept further submissions beyond this date.

recorded during campaign period 25 Oct – 25 Dec 2020.

Join In The Celebration!

All #KeepGoing participants are invited* to an online gala on Saturday 26th December 2020 to celebrate the end of #KeepGoing.

Hosted by Singaporean celebrities Gurmit Singh & Vernetta Lopez, this is also the occasion to mark Radion’s 13th anniversary.

* The RSVP to this event will be emailed to you in by end-November. 

Receive Event Entitlement

Participants who have selected one of the paid packages (LITE / FINISHER), and completed the event (by running 10/21/42km) can expect to receive the event entitlement.

Once you have completed your race distance, we will ship the physical event entitlement to your address.  




When can I start running?

You can start your run/walk/hike/treadmill activities starting 25 October 2020 or from the date you have signed up for the activity. 


Do I have to complete my event distance in one session?

Nope, you don't have to complete your event at one go. (Although you could if you want to. 😉)

You may complete your pledged distance in a single activity, or across multiple activities.


Do I nominate 3 friends each time I run, or just once?

To help spread the #KeepGoing message to as many people as possible, we highly encourage you to nominate 3  friends for this event by tagging them on Facebook each time you run 🙂


Can I run further than what I signed up for?

Yes please! This can be done whether you signed up to cover 10km, 21km or 42km. Every extra step helps us get closer to the campaign goal of 113,880km!


How do I submit my activity distance to you?

You may do so through our online activity uploader. We will use this to track and count your activity distance towards your personal total and the campaign goal.


Can we upload more than one activity at the same time?

Yes. You may either upload a single activity, or choose to upload several activities at one go. We just require your cumulative distance and the screenshots of each activity. 


I started running just before midnight on December 25th. Can I still submit this activity to accumulate my distance?

Yes, we will count any activity that begins between 25 October - 25 December 2020.


I'd like to opt for one of the paid packages, but can I choose not to receive the event entitlement?

Yes you may. Do leave us a message in the Address field - eg. "No entitlement needed.".


I am unable to participate in #KeepGoing. Is there a way I can support this campaign through a financial gift?

Yes that is possible. Please check out this link for ways you may give financially.


Where will the funds from this campaign go towards?

Payments made will be used to defray the costs of running the campaign. The remainder will be directed to Radion's General Fund.



Singapore Participants:


International Participants: