Participant Guide

#KeepGoing 2021

Registration Period: 9 September – 30 October 2021

Clock-in Period: 9 September – 12 December 2021

All the information you need to spread hope.


What To Expect

Now that you have signed up. Here's what to do next.

Receive Confirmation Email

You will receive a confirmation email with your E-Bib number when you complete and submit the registration form. 

You should also receive a payment receipt if you have paid for the HOPE package.

Should you encounter any issues, you may write to us at


You may complete your event distance at one go or accumulate them. For example, if you run an average of 2km a day, you just need to submit 5 days of run results if you registered for the 10km category.

We recommend using Strava to track your run, but any fitness apps, pedometers, fitness devices, smartwatches and indoor treadmills will also do.

Upload Proof

When you have completed your event distance for the campaign, upload your consolidated run results* through this online form by 12 December 2021.

* You will require (1) Bib Number, (2) Distance Completed, and (3) Proof of Activity - which can be a screenshot of your running/fitness app, or a photo of the treadmill screen etc..

supporting Covid-19 relief efforts

Spread HOPE and protect a rural community in Thailand.

Thank you for joining us at #KeepGoing this year!

This event is free for anyone to join and participate. If you had chosen the HOPE category, the proceeds will be used to fund RADION’s ongoing Covid-19 relief efforts in Thailand.

If you would like to give over and beyond the event fee, simply click on the button below, or at this link.

Spread Hope, and Keep Going!

#KeepGoing on Strava

Get the most out of #KeepGoing by joining our community on Strava!

Track & Record Your Runs.

Participate in Group Activities.

Challenge other runners.




When can I start?

You can start your run/walk/hike/treadmill activities starting 9 September 2021 or from the date you have signed up for the activity. 


Do I have to complete my event distance in one session?

Nope, you don't have to complete your event at one go. (Although you could if you want to. 😉)

You may complete your pledged distance in a single activity, or across multiple activities.


Can I exceed my registered distance?

Yes! We encourage you to get out there, run (safely, as much as you are able to), and spread hope!


I signed up just before registration closed on 30 October 2021. Can I still take part?

Yes you may. The clock-in period is between 9 September to 12 December 2021. Which means you'll have until 12 December to clock your registered distance.


I selected the paid package, but can I choose not to receive the event entitlement?

Yes. Please leave us a note in the address section of the registration form. 


Where will the funds from this campaign go towards?

After defraying the costs of running the campaign, the proceeds will be directed to Radion's Core Support Programme that is designated to support our frontline community workers in the efforts against Covid-19.


I am unable to participate in #KeepGoing. Is there a way I can support this campaign through a financial gift?

Yes that is possible. Please check out this link for ways you may give financially.