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Last year, we launched the inaugural #KeepGoing campaign, a virtual marathon-distance event seeking to inspire hope amidst the uncertainty of an unprecedented global pandemic.

We closed the campaign with more than 600 Singaporean runners, who completed various distances with us as we collectively spread a special message of hope.

This year, in the spirit of our campaign, we will be holding the 2nd edition of our virtual marathon. We certainly hope you will #KeepGoing with us once again.

While Singapore has done admirably in supporting its residents through the pandemic, the situation in our neighbouring countries is getting increasingly dire.

In many places like Thailand, COVID-19 is continuing to impact communities. Unfortunately, the most brutally hit are the underprivileged communities, who are unable to effectively enforce measures to curb the virus’s spread.

At RADION, we continue to render support to local public health officials, and our staff team are racing against the clock to close gaps in the public health system.

Among our initiatives are:

  1. Encouraging uptake of vaccines amongst the elderly and vulnerable
  2. Caring for patients at our field hospital/quarantine centre, and
  3. Educating communities on protecting themselves and their loved ones.

In the coming months, we expect that we will need more resources at the frontlines. We will need more basic medical supplies, protective gear, and additional staff.

This year, as a target for the 2nd edition of #KeepGoing, we plan to raise $100,000 to support the teams working tirelessly on the ground.

Your organisation can support us in the following ways:

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