A hungry refugee boy gobbling down the biscuits given by RADION

Many NGO/NPO/Charities/Homes/Orphanages start off with a noble intent, but as they move along these intents fade and they slowly morph into self-seeking ones. Ones that use the money raised to lead cushy and luxurious lifestyles. How do I know ? I’ve seen it.

For our staff in RADION, I’ve always emphasized financial prudence so that my donors money is well utilised to bring the maximum benefit to the needy. In fact, this is what that continually attracts sponsors to us.

If you have kept in pace with the blog, you will note that we are expanding but our vision has never wavered. We stay stubbornly aligned to our focus of helping those who have no means of helping themselves and need that helping hand.

Let me throw out a challenge, come up and see what we are doing. And you’ll know how far we stretch that donated dollar !