The team started packing and loading up relief itemsearly in the morning and at 3pm a small convoy of 2 trucks headed up to the remote village of Poo Kat.

Poo Kat is nestled in the mountain ranges of Thailand with a small population of 400 people.The journey took 2 hours with the last 15km taking 45mins ! Because of the inaccessibility of the area, little assistance reaches this village.

Volunteers arriving at Poo Kat after a difficult journey

Living with the locals. The girl’s room. Having a cemented floor was a luxury !

The guys had to live like the locals in a traditional hilltribemen’s home. The village has no power supplies as its too high up the mountains. The homes are powered by solar panels which charges wet cell batteries(See picture) during the day, allowing the villagers to use a maximum of 3 hours of power at night!

The beautiful sunset at Poo Kat…… and the weather started to turn chilly. The temperature dropped from a midday high of 33 deg to 18 deg at night.