9th November, 2016 – Influential Brands® hosted gala event ‘Celebrating Entrepreneurship & Brand Leadership in Asia’ on Monday, 7th November 2016 to recognise the efforts of the region’s best brands. The elegant event, held in the Grand Ballroom of the InterContinental Hotel was celebrated with delectable food and beverages, along with great music from live entertainment.

A grand, red carpet entrance was laid out in honour of the highly distinguished C‐suite guests, many of who made special travel arrangements from Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, China and other parts of the region. A total of more than 100 companies were represented in the event, attended by local, regional top brands and brand leaders from across 5 countries. Many graced the black‐tie event in beautiful gowns and tailored suits to receive their awards.

Recognition of the region’s best brands and brand leaders

A total of 60 awardees were recognised for their brand excellence and leadership. The award was divided into a few segments (see appendix for full listing of awardees); a) The Influential Brands Top Brand 2016, b) Outstanding Brands 2016, c) 2016 CEO Brand Leader of the Year

a) The Influential Brands Top Brand 2016 awardees were carefully selected through extensive market research based on more than 6,000 generation Y consumer’s preference, from 5 countries. The Asia‐ wide study was conducted via both face‐to‐face and online surveys. More than 50 categories, including Online Marketplace, Food and Beverage (F&B) and Fast‐Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG), to Electronics and Beauty & Wellness were covered. Only top 5 brands from each category qualified for this award. The recognition for this segment started with Top brands from Singapore, followed by Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, China and finally a group of Top Digital brands (see appendix for full listing of awardees).

b) The rapid changing business environment has resulted in many casualties. Factors such as tough operating business conditions and rising digital age have created high brand convergence in many categories. Outstanding Brands was created to identify, feature and celebrate companies that have shown resilience and growth in changing times. In order to be recognized as an outstanding brand, a brand must not only be noteworthy in its own category, industry or domain, it must show significant growth in revenue year‐on‐year for at least the last 2 years, not in receivership and have a clear business expansion plan. A lot of research has been done to uncover Outstanding Brands that sparkle in current times and hence, those brands have also been awarded during the award ceremony.

c) Brand Alliance, through its brand leadership platform Influential Brands®, is pleased to announce the 2016 CEO Brand Leader of the Year across 6 different industries. An intensive assessment based on 5 criteria was conducted;

i. Brand Leadership: Lead an organisation that owns prominent brand(s) with strong brand power and high brand equity in the eyes of external and internal stakeholders. Brand power is assessed by Influential Brands’ constant market monitoring via surveys and social media listening.

ii. Brand Expansion (Local and International): Demonstrates an ability to build strong partnerships and takes calculated risks in his/her pursue for business expansion and market leadership. Proven track record creating new brand concepts within their existing marketplace or taking the brand to unchartered territories in Asia and beyond.

iii. Financial Performance: Assessment of business performance based on revenue and other indicators (i.e. new countries, new partnerships, point of sales, etc).

iv. Innovation: Infuses and empowers innovation from within the organisation. Embraces new technology in line with new industry developments and allocates time/resources in Research and Development (R&D) as an important activity in his/her business.

v. Personal Integrity: Living to values has earned him/her great respect from staff, competitors, advisers, family and wider community. Coupled with the ability to communicate ideas, this creates the potential to influence others.

After an intensive assessment based on the above criteria, the following CEOs emerged as the best in class in their respective fields:

  1. Mr Richard Eu, Chief Executive of Eu Yan Sang International (Traditional Chinese Medicine)
  2. Mr George Quek, Chairman of BreadTalk Group (Food & Beverage)
  3. Dr Michael Tan, Chief Executive Officer of Fullerton Healthcare Corporation (Healthcare)
  4. Mr Alain Ong, Chief Executive Officer of Pokka International (Fast Moving Consumer Goods)
  5. Mr David Chiem, Founder Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of MindChamps Holdings 
  6. Anthony Tan, Co‐founder, Chief Executive Officer of GrabTaxi Holdings (Taxi Booking App)

These 2016 CEO Brand Leaders of the Year received their award in the Gala Event at the InterContinental Hotel with the presence of more than 200 C‐suite executives from all over Asia.

CEO Panel Discussion

In line with the knowledge‐sharing & knowledge‐building objectives of the Influential Brands’ platform for promoting brand excellence, the CEO Panel Discussion was a highlight of the programme. This year’s theme of ‘Internationalisation and Digital’, moderated by Ms Amy Lim, Founding CEO and Director of Brand Alliance Group & Influential Brands, featured an esteemed group of panelists comprising:

  1. Mr Alistair Charles Taylor, President of Central Food Retail Group
  2. Mr Hari V Krishnan, CEO of Property Guru
  3. Mr Choe Peng Sum, CEO of Frasers Hospitality
  4. Ms Wu GuFeng, General Manager, Commercial Management Center, Joy City Property Ltd
  5. Mr Andy Budiman, Director at Kompas Cyber Media

Mr Taylor, president of Thailand’s largest supermarket chain with some 115 stores in multiple retail formats, shared his observations of the Thai Retail Market while Mr Krishnan, CEO of Asia’s leading online property group, with a presence in 9 countries, talked about exciting aspects of conducting an online business across multiple markets. Mr Choe, as CEO of one of the world’s leading hospitality brand, gave insight into conducting business in a world comprising of service apartments and hotel residences, along with expanding its international footprints physically. Ms Wu, a GM of China’s fast growing shopping mall brand, shared about the retailing climate in China, talking about trends and what appeals to the locals and areas of growth. Mr Budiman, a Director of the digital arm of Kompas, a main media in Indonesia, shared his views on how media consumption has changed in the last few years, particularly in Indonesia and also on how companies deal with the way media has changed.

The panelist discussion was an insight and enlightening one including key takeaways how companies can ready themselves for the future; reactivity in providing the right information, building trust online through transparency and creativity in content creation.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Influential Brands also introduced a very special organisation run by one of our Singaporean Heroes, Mr Eugene Wee, who has devoted the last 9 years to help the vulnerable and marginalized Hmong people to break out of their poverty and oppression cycle. The relief and development agency he founded is the only NGO left in the region.

Radion International has reduced the number of kids involved in drugs to 10%. Radion’s efforts has given street kids a chance to attend school, and poverty‐stricken families, destitute elderly and disabled individuals are able to find aid and support through multiple avenues such as microenterprises, anti‐drug programmes and other community education and development activities. With that, Mr Eugene Wee, Founder and Executive Director of Radion International was presented with an Outstanding Brand award for a “Not‐For‐Profit” organisation.


Influential Brands® boasts a combined annual revenue of more than USD $20 Billion. The Influential Brands family of brands comprises of global and regional brands from more than 15 countries worldwide and seeks to identify, engage and recognise the best brands throughout Asia.

Leveraging on more than 18 years of branding knowledge, know‐how and expertise in Asia, Influential Brands® seeks to provide knowledge, raise awareness of desirable brands, celebrate the unique aspects of Asian‐based businesses and our rich Asia’s brand heritage.

Influential Brands® is a think‐tank, research and brand recognition platform formed to recognise brand excellence in Asia. Brand excellence is celebrated as a result of extensive consumer and market research, assessment of branding qualities, influence and impact on consumers. We strongly believe in the need to continually recognise brand excellence in Asia. Through this, we hope to contribute to the knowledge pool of best practices so that companies can produce quality and meaningful brands that influence and impact our environment, living standard, lifestyles and future.

Through our unique methods, Influential Brands® hopes to be a premier champion of brand thought‐ leadership in Asia. www.influentialbrands.comIMG_3570