Special Thanks.

Alvin Peter
Thank you for setting aside 2 weeks of your precious time to help out with the coordination and shipping documentation.

Millicent (Kyrie International)
Sis, thank you for all your efforts to rally sponsors for the shipping.

Ng Weiboon
Buddy, thank you for going that extra mile 🙂

Thank you for sourcing for warehousing and support for this project despite your busy schedules.

Johnny/Patrick (Con-Lash)
Gentlemen, thank you for your kind advice, pushing into late night hours for this container relief.

Cheryl Ng & Denise Wong (Pan Pacific)
A big thank you for your kind hospitality and making the public collection drive possible.

Staff Of Pan Pacific
It has been most heart warming seeing staff from all levels of management coming together to make this collection drive possible.

Kek Beng (MOLSIN)
Thank you once again for your kind advice and support for the shipping.

Debbie (SPF)
Thank you for your kind support and last minute assistance 🙂

James Tian (Salvation Army), Edmond (Habitat For Humanity)
Gentlemen, thank you for your generosity and support for this effort.

Crocs, CCM Pharmaceutical, Starhub Singapore
It has been a pleasure partnering with you. Thank you once again for your kind donations.

Bartley Secondary & Maris Stella High,
Thank you for rallying your students together in support of this cause. Special thanks to Jermyn Wee (Maris) and Fu Chee Sheng (Bartley)

Private Donors
Thank you for making that special effort to make this drive possible.

For the rest 🙂
Thank you my friends. It has been most encouraging to the leadership team of RADION seeing all of you rally in support of our efforts. Thank you once again. Without all of you working in the background. All these would never have been possible 🙂 Thank you.