The long awaited relief has finally arrived in the remote mountain village of Khek Noi, some 3000ft above MSL and also home to more than 14,000 Hmong villagers, many living below the poverty line.

This is the first relief mission that entails 2 different sets of cargos departing from 2 different towns, more than 1000km apart. Timing & coordination was crucial to ensure that the timing was just right to allow for unloading as well as reloading of transferred reliefs back onto the heavy truck bound for our Chiang Mai Office.

Here is a short post log

7.00am – Staff Briefing

8.00am – Arrival of heavy truck with 100 cartons of dried noodles from Chiang Mai

8.30am – Unloading completed with noodles stored in RADION’s Micro-enterprise office (SHOPHOUSE!)

9.00am- Deployment of lead vehicle to rendezvous with 40ft container arriving into the Khek Noi Village.
9.35am – Container arrives at the entrance of Khek Noi Village and pulled to an abrupt halt as the driver was not confident that the container has enough height clearance. This was because new bamboo scaffolding were built at the village entrance for repainting, bringing down the ceiling height by 1 meter.
9.45am – The container was carefully guided in, clearing the overhead obstacles by inches.

9.50am – Container arrives at the designated unloading point in the tribal village

10.00am-Container is opened & inspected. Unloading begins designated for (SHOPHOUSE, STK Home & Admin Office)

11.30am- Items bound for Chiang Mai office were loaded onto the heavy truck
12.00am- Heavy truck departs Phetchabun for Chiang Mai

12.20pm- Unloaded 40% of the 40ft container.

12.30pm – Heavy rain approaches, delaying the unloading process.

1.10pm – Resumed unloading. (60% unloaded)
1.45pm – Heavy rain approaches again, unloading delayed further.

2.15pm- Resumed unloading (80% unloaded)
2.45pm- Heavy rain approaches again, unloading delayed.

3.00pm- Resumed unloading (90% unloaded), and an STK playing football inside the container.

3.20pm- Unloading completed & a view of the storage
3.30pm- 40ft Container emptied and departs Khek Noi for Bangkok.