Huay Nam Khao village school is an education outpost, located deep in the mountains, some 10km away from the nearest major road. This school serves 170 Hmong Tribal children, all of which comes from poor or destitute families.

Most of the children are so poor that they cannot even afford to buy a single set of uniform and the uniforms they are wearing are paid for by the school.

RADION conducting family surveys for 50 high risk children to help our team determine how best to assist these families in need.

RADION’s staff explaining to the children the use the items.

Each goodie bag contains a soft toy, hair conditioners, cereal and most importantly, blankets to brace them through the impending cold season.

Huay Nam Khao village school received the following :
1 ) Children multi-vitamins (Donated by CCM Pharmaceuticals Singapore)
2 ) Hygiene Masks (Donated by Salvation Army Singapore)

Each child also received the following in the goodie bag
1 ) Children soft toys (Donor: Salvation Army Singapore)
2 ) Hair Conditioners (Donor: from Salvation Army Singapore)
3 ) Blankets (Donor : Kyrie International)
4 ) Cereals (Donor : FoodXervices Singapore)