Khek Noi Village School is the only education set-up in the village of 14,000 people. There is a massive shortage of teachers willing to live amongst the hilltribe. Most children will not complete primary 6 or equivalent in education. Without proper education, children fall pray easily to street gangs and substance abuse.

147 students were handpicked by their teachers to receive the reliefs from RADION.
These students form the poorest percentile amongst the thousands of students in the school.

Here is the teacher briefing the students on RADION’s second mass project with the school.

Hmong kids all dressed in their traditional costumes, peeping up and unable to see what they’ll get

Holding tightly to their goodie bags.

Each child also received the following in the goodie bag
1 ) Children soft toys (Donor: Salvation Army Singapore)
2 ) Hair Conditioners (Donor: from Salvation Army Singapore)
3 ) Blankets (Donor : Kyrie International)
4 ) Cereals (Donor : FoodXervices Singapore)

A picture with the 147 students, teachers and RADION’s staff