The Project LIVES! Symposium


25-27 October 2019

The Pavilion @ Far East Square

Nurturing Thought. Inspiring Action.

The Project LIVES! Symposium is a two-part Panel Discussion that examines the impact of social good initiatives on social cohesion. Held for the very first time as a Project LIVES! event, the Symposium brings together a community of thought leaders and youth activists to discuss solutions to the societal issues that we see. 
It raises the question, “How can we help Singaporeans become more aware of societal issues, take action, and as a result achieve greater social cohesion?”. During this symposium, let us get this conversation started, and unite to make our city and beyond a better place.

Panel Discussion 1

Together, We Do Good Better

To create change, we need everyone – from Government, Businesses, Non-profits, to the man on the street. How do we create an inclusive platform for voices to be heard, and where Singaporeans from all walks of life can join in to make a difference?

Panel Discussion 2

The Power of Youths for Social Change

Young people have a strong sense of purpose and want to play an active role in society, according to the Youth Conversations Report by the National Youth Council (NYC). They are concerned about social issues and have ideas for creating change. In this session, we ask the question, “How can we harness the energy and passion of youths for societal good at home and in our region?
This Panel is brought to you jointly by RADION International & NYC.