Following the success of our first-ever fundraising event last year, the RADION team is once again holding our second fundraising dinner this coming May.  At last year’s dinner, we shared plans for an Integrated Centre. In the past year, we have since acquired the land to build the Integrated Centre in Phetchabun. Friends and supporters who attended our dinner last year, do join us again to hear about the Integrated Centre’s progress, made possible by your support. For those of you who missed our dinner last year, we hope you can join us this coming May to find out more about how the Integrated Centre will help the people RADION serves. 

Thank you for playing a part in the work we do!



Every month, RADION invites the poorest in the community to a mass food distribution held at our children’s home, where we not only share a bowl of warm noodles but more importantly, provide education talks and avail medical care for those who are not able to afford it.

It began as an event for just a hundred people, but over time the turnout of our monthly food distribution swelled to an average of 300-400 attendees; many of which make the long journey by foot, walking miles just to attend this event.

As the crowd grows and more lives are changed, we are quickly running out of chairs and floorspace to provide them with these basic services. We have little options but to shift this event outdoors to a makeshift carpark where the people sit unsheltered and exposed to the sun and rain.

Through this fund raising dinner, we hope to raise enough to build a multi-purpose hall so as to provide a simple and safe shelter to protect the attendees against the weather. This facility will also double up as a church during the weekends and function as a key work-skill development centre for the under-privileged on weekdays.



RADION’s upcoming Integrated Centre in Phetchabun seeks to serve the needs of the needy and marginalized in a 14,000-strong Hmong community.

The Centre is to be a home where not only our children can be safely sheltered but also a place where destitute families can find assistance, education and work-skills training.

It will cost approximately SGD 835,000 to build the Integrated Centre. However, it is a price worth paying to bring about a better tomorrow for the Hmong community.


DATE : 3 MAY 2013 (Friday)



COST: $100 per person or $1000 for a table of 10

To reserve your seat, please email

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