RADION International’s annual dinner is back for its fourth installment and it’s a night of hearty gatherings and a series of nourishing talks by our directors. This year, we’re in for a treat—the building of Project Dreamcenter, an integrated community space that will serve as a platform for RADION’s staff to serve, train and empower the Hmongs.

Having established a presence in Khek Noi, Project Dreamcenter is the next step in gearing the Hmong community towards self-sustainability. The building will comprise a community hall that facilitate village engagement initiatives; an amphitheatre to run activities for the youths; training rooms to conduct counselling and rehabilitative sessions for abuse victims; and a kitchen to better support mass food distribution schemes.

Project Dreamcenter is intended as a shining city on the hill—a rallying point for the Hmong community to reach out to the poor, the helpless and the despised, which can only be realised with your contribution.

Join us at our annual dinner to find out more.

RSVP or find out more about the different packages available here. For further enquiries, drop us an email.

Suit up and tuck in!

Hossan poster
Photo Credit : Marcus Mok