The RADION Team is pleased to once again bring you our latest newsletter (click on above image to download). This edition is a special release, with a simple tagline that is, “This Christmas, give someone a hope to live on”.

Your gifts are a catalyst for change.

From abused children to disabled and abandoned elderly, each of your gifts goes towards bringing hope and building sustainability in the communities that RADION serves.

Your gift will not only bring forth smiles this Christmas. It is going to give the beneficiaries courage to face tomorrow. You can be sure that your giving will be used as a catalyst for change to bring hope to those who have lost purpose and will to live.

May Christmas – the season of gifts – bring great joy to your heart, as much as it will bless the recipients of your generous giving.

So download your copy of the newsletter now, and find out how you can bless someone in this season of giving.