Khek Noi, the largest concentration of Hmong hill tribesmen in Thailand,  has been hit with an unexpected rise in Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever (DHF) cases. Several villagers have already been hospitalised, including one RADION field staff and a 12-year old child on the STREETKIDS! programme.

 DHF is transmitted by the Aedes mosquito and can be life threatening. Fumigation attempts have been made but to little avail.

Phase 1 of our relief operation is ongoing and we aim to provide an interim support of 80-100 mosquito nets for needy families. This is the current estimate but we expect the actual demand to be higher in this community of 14,000 hill tribesmen.

SGD1,000 is required immediately to purchase the necessary reliefs for the first phase of the mission.

An additional SGD5,000 may be required for subsequent phases. Please contact if you wish to support financially.