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We believe that Singapore can be a city of good. We see encouraging signs – Youths in Singapore are already deeply concerned about social issues such as the income divide, social justice and action. They are equally keen to contribute to solutions to the issues they see.

This is why we have set up The Singapore Chapter – our full-time coordination centre for awareness & youth development work. This enables us to further our mission in nurturing youths for good works, and to inspire projects that will impact lives at home and in our region. 


Nurturing Thought

We believe that we all can do good better so as to serve our beneficiaries well and create change that is sustainable. So every year we organise symposiums, panel discussions and public exhibitions to provoke thought and spur conversations.

Inspiring Action

Doing good is about giving what we can, wherever we are. Over the years we have worked with service learning student teams, medical outreach organisations, businesses, and also faith groups at home and overseas.

Creating Impact

Ultimately, we seek to build bridges between individuals, nurturing greater empathy, connectedness, and kindness that will radiate from one person to another – until communities, villages, and cities are impacted.

During Project LIVES! in October last year, 100 volunteers helped to send over 7000kg worth of relief items to rural communities in need.

We captured some highlights from that event.

our programmes

We conduct number of awareness and youth development projects throughout the year. Here’s an overview of what we do. 

Gala fundraiser

Our annual gala dinners brings some 250-300 partners, private donors and supporters. This event has been instrumental in raising awareness of the plight of the underprivileged. 

Project lives!

Project LIVES! is our annual charity drive that brings together businesses, schools, and the general public for a month of doing good. For over 10 years, this event has been key to our work of fostering greater social interaction and raising awareness of societal issues.

Get a glimpse of last year’s event! 

symposiums & exhibitions

Every year we organise panel sessions featuring thought leaders and change-makers, and put together thought-provoking exhibitions. These are a key part of our mission in nurturing critical thinking and inspiring our participants to not just do good, but do good better.

Check out what we did in partnership with the National Youth Council last year!

MEdical outreach

Short-term trips by medical teams help complement the long-term work we do in looking after the welfare of rural communities. We have worked with the likes of HealthEX and Project Light in sending teams overseas to bring much-needed healthcare to the community we serve. Drop us a message to find out how you could participate!

Service learning & volunteer trips

Service Learning and Volunteer trippers work alongside our field team in meeting the long-term needs of those we serve. Through these trips we hope to nurture empathy and critical thinking in our participants.

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