Many of our sponsors, volunteers, readers have asked me to write something about myself. To unveil all the mysteries, misconceptions and gossips šŸ™‚

Here we go.

I’m 27 this year. (This should shock some people already)

A very average chap which you would not notice if you do bump into me on the streets. (Read short and not handsome) Financially ? I’m very average as well. With no Swiss bank account to boast. (Yes. I’m not rich)

In fact, all I had in my bank account+secret reserves+piggy bank just made SGD9,000. And I poured these life savings into my work with the refugees. Its painful.

I’ve had a pretty exciting career in the military serving some 6 years with the Singapore Armed Forces in the capacity of Navigating Officer, Analysis Officer and in my final year Operations Officer. In fact, I was doing extremely well among my peers.

Military pay was comfortable! When I did resign, an irresistible job offering from a commercial company popped up, offering me a significant pay increase. But somehow, I found the strength to resist the offer.

I choose to opt out of a rat race and do something credible. If you ask me, what did this project cost me ? It cost me everything. My pursuits for money, recognition, luxuries all came to a halt.

Just so lives can be impacted. Thats why.