serving the last, the lost, and the least

Our story began in 2007 in the rural village of Khek Noi, Phetchabun by 2 Singaporeans with the desire to serve people on the margins of society. From an interim base set up to serve the needs of people in a refugee camp, our work expanded to include programmes that shelters children at-risk, provides job-skills training, and serves the last, the lost, and the least in the community.

We believe every life matters, and every individual has the potential to do good. It is our hope that this good would radiate from person to person until entire communities are transformed.

Local Involvement

The work to create change is more impactful when it is led by members of the community. Hence we invest in building relationships with local stakeholders and encourage ground-up initiatives. 


Short-term projects executed with long-term development in mind, can help improve the welfare of the community we serve. So we partner like-minded student organisations, medical teams, and community groups that complement the work we do.

Long-Term Change

We see the locals leading long-term change within their communities. So we make every effort in building them up. Our desire is that the recipients of our programmes pay it forward by doing likewise for others.

Hope Scholarship is an initiative to put Thai children from low-income homes through to University.

our programmes

We serve at-risk children, the elderly, and rural families. 


Our rescue and recovery programme for children who have suffered abuse and who come from high-risk backgrounds. Without intervention, these children risk becoming outcast from their own communities.


VillageCARE serves to protect the dignity of our recipients as they near end-of-life. Our team organises weekly visits and provides basic assistance such as food, clothes, and medicine to support vulnerable households that either have a disabled or elderly member.

community development

The Community Development Programme provides life-skills and training to help needy communities address the issues of violence, juvenile delinquency, drug abuse and poverty.

disaster relief

We have a disaster relief arm that can respond to needs within an area of 50km radius. We bring relief aid to underserved communities in remote mountainous regions and interim support  to survivors in post-disaster situations. 

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