RADION operates a weekly outreach amongst  the poorest and neediest hill tribe families. While some are abandoned elderly folks living in solitude, the others have problems making ends meet due to their family size.  The poorest in this village survive on a diet of rice and salt,  meat is definitely a luxury item they don’t get every day.

A typical bamboo house

The family having their meals in the open after the roof gave way

Our staff visit these families bringing food rations, medicine and more importantly the knowledge that someone cares and has not forgotten them. Many of these homes are made of bamboo and give little protection to the harsh mountain weather. During the raining season, the mud floors will usually be soaked and wet as the grass roof can only do thus much to shield off the rain. With bacteria thriving in such conditions, hygiene and health related problems usually plague these families.

The house in the background was in such a bad state that it has to be demolished and rebuilt

This family is no different. 7 children and 4 adults lived in a dilapidated bamboo hut till the grass roof finally gave way, forcing the family to find shelter in the open. The only thing protecting them was a thin canvas sheet and nothing else.

11 people living in the open with just a old canvas sheet over their heads

Without citizenship, no one to turn to and hardly enough money to make ends meet, the family approached RADION for help. Our village outreach (VO) staff quickly rolled into action. The family expected nothing more than the a batch of grass roofing from us, but we decided to make this day a special one for this family !

The presentation of the zinc roof to the family on the grounds where the house will be built

Arriving with the simple gift of zinc roofing brought smiles and tears of gratitude.

Truly, every life matters.