It was no normal Sunday and it was just about to become a life changing moment for the kids at RADION International’s 2nd StreetKIDS! Rehabilitation shelter in Chiang Mai.

Children arrived at 3pm and waiting to be grouped into 2 teams.

Even the smallest one had the unexpected opportunity to go !

They have just been selected by Tony K Edalat And Nick Nader-Shahin, the coordinators of the Flight Of The Gibbon to join them for a day. This has to be the top tourist attractions in Chiang Mai where visitors embark on a journey to “fly” through the pristine rainforest canopies on a complex array of zip-lines.

A group picture with Tony K Edalat the kids and staff at RADION

All 18 children and staff arrived at the attraction and were greeted by Tony himself.  With all their hearts throbbing, they got into their teams and were all being rigged up in their safety harnesses by the sky rangers; a team of professional guides who will be facilitating every part of their trip !

Safety briefing by the rangers

The kids listened intently to the safety briefing and before they knew it, they were “hooked” up on the zip-lines and ready to “fly”. This was like a dream, never in their lives would they have such an opportunity, and especially not when they come from less than perfect and privileged homes.

First up on the platform !

The kids could hardly contain their excitement, many grew wobbly at the knees but all eyes were glued to the first kid who stood at the platform.

Kuak & Tim getting ready to “fly” in tandem

The countdown started. 3….2….1….

And there the kids went, zipping from one tree to the next while hanging onto their dear life !
And the best part, that was only the first zipline ! They have more to go ! Adrenaline was running through their veins and as they went from one zip-line to the next.

What was beautiful was that as these kids walked through the pristine jungles, they learnt about nature, about the importance of conserving the environment and most importantly, they learnt about themselves.

Suspension bridges and more walks !

The children and staff bonded even closer after the trip and when the time came for them to finally come down the trees on a rope. Something happened, the very kids that had self confidence and esteem issues, came out more confident and ready to face new challenges in their lives !

Today, they are still talking about that life changing trip !








A special thank you to Tony K Edalat, Nick Nader-Shahin and sky rangers of The Flight Of The Gibbon. You guys not only made their day, but impacted their lives in a positive way !