youth action symposium

Can Social Media Make A Difference?

FB Live | 7.30-9.00pm Thursday, 29th April, 2021

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Singaporean youths are concerned about social issues. Many have turned to online activism, to voice their concerns and frustrations. While an increase in social awareness is needed and welcome; it is equally important to turn our concerns & ideas into initiatives & deeds.

The Youth Action Symposium (YAS) aims to provide a broad and balanced perspective on social issues; while nurturing thought and inspiring youths to co-curate a better Singapore.



Can Social Media Make A Difference?

Today, the proliferation of digital tools such as social networks, blogs, online petitions and crowdsourcing platforms have made easier for anyone to get a message out than at any point in history. Through social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, it is incredibly easy to spread awareness, educate followers, and share petitions.

While social media is great for raising awareness and encouraging mass participation, the question remains about how much of that translates into real-world action. If not, what are the factors that prevent/discourage us from being more involved – beyond likes and the sharing of petitions?

We will be drawing on the various perspectives and opinions of our guest panelists – to explore this topic deeply while covering a spectrum of views. Throughout the session you will have the opportunity to share what’s important to you, and chat with our panelists about your unanswered questions.


“Can Social Media Make A Difference?”

Exploring how we can harness the power of social media for real-world change.

Opening Remarks

Introduction by the Moderator.

Perspectives from our Panelists

Social Media Activism: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly. Going beyond the Hashtag, and translating Likes & Shares into actions that make a difference.

Q&A Time

Panelists + Moderator

Announcement: Post-Event Learning Journeys

Closing Remarks

Rounding up the evening by the Moderator.