Children & Youths

StreetKIDS (STK) is a rescue and recovery programme for children who have suffered abuse and who come from high-risk backgrounds. 

This programme seeks to transform their lives by giving them a safe environment to grow, learn, and rebuild their dreams. 

We operate two shelters in Chiangmai and Phetchabun province, housing children from ages 6 to 21 years old, and nurturing them in becoming confident members of their community and society.

HOPE Scholarship (HOPE)  

 The HOPE Scholarship programme serves underprivileged university students - who do not just have academic potential, but also the ones with the heart to do greater good in the communities.

Each scholarship provides a bursary, training and learning platforms to enable the students to learn from societal leaders who have gone before them. This is our way of investing into the future.




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