• What does RADION International stand for?

    "RADION" comprises of the first 3 and last 3 letters of the words "RADIATING MISSION".
    The name RADION encapsulates our heartbeat, to be a ministry of blessing to the nations.

  • Is RADION a registered charity?

    In Singapore, RADION is registered as Company Limited By Gurantee (Not-For-Profit) under the name of "RADION International LTD"
    In Thailand, we are registered as a local charity/foundation serving vulnerable communities, under the name of "RADION International Foundation"

  • Are my donations tax-exemptible?

    Tax exemptions only apply for Thai nationals/companies donating from Thailand.
    Singapore giving does not attract tax-benefits, as giving is channeled abroad to critically needy families.

  • How is RADION accountable to donors?

    RADION is governed by an independant board of directors in Singapore, and another board of Thai directors in Thailand. All directors and advisors serve on a pro-bono basis.

    Our accounts are not just internally audited, but also externally audited annually for added accountability.

  • Is the STREETKIDS programme like an orphanage?

    No. The StreetKIDS programme is a rescue and recovery center for child surviors of violence, abuse and neglect.
    We believe that children, no matter how poor, should not be removed from a family nucleus, unless the child's life is threatened.

    The STREETKIDS programme provides shelter, care and treatment to enable the child to fully reclaim his/her life.

  • How many STREETKIDS shelters are there?

    RADION operates 2 dedicated shelters in Thailand - One in Phetchabun Province for younger kids, and the second in Chiangmai Province for youths.

  • How are StreetKIDS identified & selected?

    At RADION, we do pre-emptive outreaches to identify kids at risk, and also accept referals from community leaders, schools and the government's child protection services.

    Each case is carefully screened by our team of counselors and rescue workers. An interal risk-assessment matrix is used to verifying facts, assess risk and direct assistance when required.

  • How long does a STREETKID stay at RADION?

    It really depends on the child and his/her recovery. Some cases can take 1-2 years, before the child and family is ready. In more severe cases where the family remains unsafe, the child stays with us till the age of 21, before being transitted into the working world.

  • Can anyone become a STREETKID Sponsor?

    We are very careful in selecting the right sponsors for the child.
    The sponsor plays an important role, to provide stablity and friendship to the child, reminding the child that he/she is not alone.

    In view of this role, each sponsor goes through a screening for suitablity, before being assigned to a child. 
    The role of a child sponsor is highly rewarding, being able to play a role in the lives of a child and helping the child reclaim their lives.

  • What is the VillageCare Programme?

    The village care programme matches donors with critically needy families - many of whom are elderly, disabled, terminally ill and have little/no social support.

    Your giving enables us to provide diginity to these families, and enabling us to provide a caregiver to care for their needs.

  • Can I be a VillageCare sponsor?

    Yes you can. Each sponsorship, enables us to put a caregiver, providing food, care and medical support should the need arise.

  • What Are The Current Development Needs?

    RADION development focus from 2023-2028 will center around strengthening of social safety nets, in the current community we serve.

    In Phetchabun, the key challenges include juvenile substance use, family violence and lack of work-skills. 
    In Chiangmai, we will be focusing on trauma care, counseling and availing treatment for the least reached; while developing our training arm to support the child protection sector.

  • I've heard about the HOPE Scholarship, what is it about?

    The HOPE Scholarship was started to help needy students through university. Students apply from all over Thailand, and must be both academically inclined and show potential for giving back to society after graduation.

    The HOPE Scholarship provides not just a bursary, but also training and learning platforms to learn from senior societal leaders. This mentorship enables them to stay on track, and put them in-touch with a community of practicioners of good.

  • How long has the HOPE Scholarship been running?

    The HOPE Scholarship was started in 2020 in the aftermath of the covid pandemic. To date, we have 20+ scholars from across Thailand, reading and pursuing their first degree in medicine, dentistry, public health, education, architecture, and nursing.

  • How Can I Volunteer?

    There are 4 ways that you can volunteer with us

    1. FRT (5-7 Days)
    RADION organises fundraising trips (FRTs) every couple of months. These are typically 5-7 days long. Volunteers joining the FRTs are guided by a local team-member. and are required to cover their own personal costs (flights, accom, meals etc) and chip-in towards a pre-determined group project cost.

    2. Outreach Teams (7-14 days)
    We are happy to host learning trips for schools, church teams, and groups. We will have a trainer and local team member to serve as a a liasion and to guide your group. Please contact us, to know our development priorities and how your team can join us.

    3. Overseas Internships (2 months)
    Internships are available for university students, post graduate students and working adults, who are suitable for ministry placements.

    4. Missions Deployment & Secondment
    We work with partner organisations to develop new skills - cultivating cross-cultural competencies, honing ministry skills and nurturing thought leadership. 


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