Community Empowerment

Community Development Programme (Thailand)

An Asset Based Approach

RADION's award winning community development programme has been credited for reducing juvenile drug use from 25% to 10.9% in the target community by identifying the strengths and augmenting the development needs of the community.

RADION is one the the early advocates for Asset Based Community Development (ABCD), serving with the community, and working alongside grassroot leaders to bring about change.

The CDP programme provides training, community seminars and touch-points to bring people closer together.

Community Grants (Thailand)

Supporting Community Change-makers

RADION's community development programme isn't just about providing training and stopping there. We provide micro-grants to support local ground-up initiatives that creates positive change.


Protecting the dignity of critically needy families

VillageCARE serves to protect the dignity of our recipients as they near end-of-life. Our team organises weekly visits and provides basic assistance such as food, clothes, and medicine to support vulnerable households that either have a disabled or elderly member.

Many of our beneficiaries are in the last laps of their lives. Hence we go beyond material support by also offering friendship and a listening ear giving them emotional support in times of crisis.

HOPE Center (Northern Thailand)

Trauma Care & Family Service Center

HOPE Center is more than just a name.

The HOPE Center is a trauma care & family service center, providing professional counseling, therapy and treatment for children, youths and families.

This center is by appointment only, and offers a staggered payment system, where families can help each other by paying it forward - to offset the treatment costs for another family in need.

Alongside direct intervention, our team also provides mental health trainings to NGOs, schools and companies; to build stronger social safety nets in Northern Thailand


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